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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  October 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. a grandmother and her grandchildren dead in a overnight fire. we were there as the community comes together. >> weather wise after a beautiful october day, a pleasant night but colder air coming in. >> and two outs in the bottom of the tenth as the orioles try to force the yankees in to a game five tomorrow night. >> it was frustrating trying to figure out what the claims were actually trying to say. >> is natural dog food what you think? we find out on the news, that starts right now. >> we start with a story that we have been following since this morning.
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five members of one family killed by a fire in the middle of the night. at a vigil the names of the five were read out loud in front of the house where they died. >> she is with god. >> reporter: classmates and teachers from school crowded the sidewalk. mothers comforting mothers, children comforting children. we show you how this community is supporting one another tonight. >> reporter: in front of the house lays a little bike, with a broken and bent wheel. this bike will never bring joy again to its owners. >> as a mother i hugged her. she lost a child. i have lost a child. i know that feeling and if you have never lost one you don't know that emptiness and i wanted to hold her and let her know i'm here and that everybody was here for her.
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>> reporter: friends, they were here tonight. trying to find comfort. trying to understand why. >> let these words of prayer comfort all of us as we have been reminded we know our friends are with the lord. >> she was late coming down for the bus and i asked her why and she said i had to get my bag. then she gave me a hug. she said i love you mrs johnson and i said i love you to and that was the last time. >> reporter: tonight they try to console each other, mothers hold their children a little tighter and friends still do not understand why.
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. in northeast baltimore. >> investigators still don't know what caused the fire. it started just after 2:00 this morning. ten people were inside at the time. only five made it out safely. some of those who did get out had to jump 20 feet to the ground. neighbors say that a 19-year- old threw her 2-month-old out of a window. witnesses says one man's clothe was on fire. >> everybody just thinking like why everybody couldn't get everybody out of the house. last thing my grandmother said -- she was in the room with all the kids and nobody could get them out. >> it took firefighters two hours to put the flames out. they found smoke detectors but family members said they never heard them go off.
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this tragedy hit in the middle of fire prevention week. last night we talked about kitchen fires, tonight other things that you can do to make a difference. simple, often overlooked things, for example never use the oven or stove to heat up the house. make sure that you have a working smoke detector, test it, make sure you replace the batteries often and the families have to have a plan. talk about routes to get out of the house and pick a meeting place. one good place is the mailbox. remember space heaters need space. don't push them against furniture or the wall. we have the baltimore running festival coming up this weekend. several races, are we going to have to run in the rain or have an extra layer to keep us warm? let's look at what we can expect. >> i was coming back to the airport yesterday from the weather convention and i saw the signs for the running festival. big deal, it'll be chilly for
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the saturday morning runners. for the marathoners they like a cool atmosphere. the temperatures down in the 40s probably. take allocate at what we are seeing tonight. low 40s the deal across much of the area. stevenson 42, norrisville 46, a more reasonable 55 in kent island and 46 in easton. take a look at the set up here. its clear across the east but colder air pulling across the northern united states on the canada border, contributing to snow over the boundary. that colder air, while the main part will not come into the state the edge will. we will feel a cooldown by tomorrow night. you can shave a good six, seven degrees off the low of 40 and there will be big changes. a freeze watch up for most of the northern and western suburbs. much more on that big chill and beyond coming up. >> thank you. so much on the line in the
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bronx and another night of extra innings. game four of the american league divisions, orioles going against the yankees. this trip 15 years in the making and they are working hard to move onto game five. the team coverage tonight from yankee stadium, nothing is coming easy tonight. we need more than a home run to win. >> reporter: for the orioles to bounce back from last night, we are tied at one each. > >> it's all about the unsung heros. daron trying to save the orioles at this point. nate, who heard of him before a few months ago? had the home run and that fantastic catch earlier in the game. then he doubled up the guy at first. just unbelievable game. >> reporter: and joe saunders. >> who would have thought that dan traded -- i believe it was matt in the bullpen out to arizona for this -- joe saunders. he has been a scrappy left hander.
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>> reporter: trying to get through the 11th and arod will lead it off, or won't he? its going nuts in here and it's nuts of course at home. >> go orioles. >> reporter: its been five great nights, showing the world we know how to cheer again. >> brings a lot of hope to the city. everybody is excited, fired up. they want to follow the orioles and i think everybody is very excited about the orioles baseball for the first time since i have been a little kid. >> reporter: when your skipper calls you out that feels good. >> we are the best. we have faith of. i have been a fan since i was a kid. >> nobody thought we would play on a thursday night, 10, 11, 12. >> its been a long time. >> reporter: never give up, gamers, tough, guy you want to root for. perfect team for the city. >> it's a great team. buck did a great job with the team. >> i couldn't be happier to be
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here. seriously. no, i don't think i would. >> reporter: orioles fans in there, just -- >> it's tough. going into that we talked about some of the good stuff. let's talk act the rough patch for that and that's been the hitting. middle of the line. davis 0-4, jones 0-3, weeders 0- 3, it's hard to win like that. couple base hits and they will win if they can close it out. pretty impressive. we will keep you posted on what's going on. >> reporter: we will find out what happens. hopefully have a good result by the time we sign off. back to you. >> this is tense. we have to wrap this up. i'm going to loose my nails. we are showing our orange pride. there is a special section on the website dedicated to the team and their fantastic run this year. log onto abc to check this out. tonight baltimore is remembering this man. clarence mitchell the third died. he served in the house of
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delegates and the state senate. he will be remembered as a prominent civil right leader, he spent 15 months in prison for influenced peddaling but those who knew him say that won't be his legacy. >> one hopes he will be remembered for the passion that he had for the -- for the issues that his family was very famous for. >> he died after a battle with cancer. he was 72 years old. people were waiting for a classic fight tonight. we didn't really see one. biden and ryan went head to head over the economy, afghanistan and abortion. why does tonight's debate matter? we asked local experts. >> close race, going down to the wire it comes down to a
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handful of voters and states. >> it's so close. debates do matter. the president had momentum, romney had a lousy week and look at what happened after the debate. >> tonight is the only time they will debate. the president and romney will meet again on tuesday. this time they will talk about foreign policy. when you shop for pet food you see all sorts of eye catching claim that make you want to pick one product or another. what do terms like all natural or premium mean and how do you know what's really best for your best friend? brian brings you the scoop to make sure you get what you paid for. >> reporter: elana tried ten different dog foods for her dog happy. she researched ingredients to find weekend that didn't upset him. >> it was very frustrating.
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>> reporter: when it comes to pet food the fda and u.s.d.a. regulate certain terms but not all are regulated or even clearly defined. >> a lot of buzz words out there right now that pet food companies putting on the labels because it's what is hot in the market. >> reporter: organic is one of those buzz words. the fda said there are no official rules about the labeling of organic foods for pets. what about premeditate and ultra premium? these foods are not required to contain any different or higher quality ingredients. >> those are defined really by the market place. >> reporter: a vet katie nelson said a lot of the terms may be more about marketing like natural. we found in fda definition but there are industry guidelines to follow. there should not be artificial flavors, colors, however --. >> you can still be using
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byproducts, all sorts of things that may not be the best quality but are natural so you can put natural on the label. >> reporter: look for claim that say lete and balanced, that's actually defined by law. a company must prove the food contains everything necessary for a healthy dog or cat. why would pet food makers put all those other terms or claims on products in the pet food institute believes owners will know the difference. >> they know the coats, they know the energy levels, they know how much the cat or dog likes the food. >> reporter: elana said doing all the research she could to find the best food to make happy, happy was confusing at times, but well worth it. abc 2news. >> the u.s.d.a. said they are working hard to come up with rules and regulations to define organic pet food. if you have questions you
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should ask your vet. calling out sick gotten real creative according to career excuses so ridiculous you have to stick around to hear them. >> and if you down loaded the weather app you really should, if you are in annapolis, westminister, laurel, anywhere in maryland, get the local weather. >> >> plus whether you like it or not we all have to do it. i'm talking about grocery shopping. how some people are filling up their carts on the train. abc 2news at 11 returns in just 60 seconds.
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. the numbers growing, meningitis outbreak has now left 14 dead across the country including one right here in our state. the rare but deadly meningitis has 13 cases in maryland. the infection started after
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tainted batches of steriod shot was sent out from a massachusetts based company. the good news, the cdc has contacted 90% of the nearly 14,000 people potentially infected. they say don't hold your breath. the outbreak is far from over. >> its clear that this outbreak isn't over. there were more cases today than yesterday. two additional deaths. additional state that's involved. i expect over the next two weeks we will continue to see more cases, more deaths, more states. >> already been a lawsuit filed and we are learning the massachusetts pharmacy who dave out the shots has given up it's license. they were given to 20 states including eight here in -- clinics and hospitals in our state. read up on the outbreak, check out the health section of the website at abc 2news. i can't come into work because our dog is having a nervous break down.
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i'm having my dead grandmother dug up for a police investigation. no matter how ridiculous some of these may sound they are real excuses people reported after taking a survey with career builder. if you are thinking of playing hooky you may want to think twice. nearly 30% of employers check um on employees for calling out sick and some required a doctor's note. did you plan on flying american for your holiday travel? after weeks in the hot seat they said they won't be carrying many passengers this month. they hope the pull back will help them return to their normal operations before affecting holiday travel. they are doing this to try to recover from a spike in delays and canceled flights in september. you make out the grocery list, shopping usually takes out a big piece of your weekend. after all kids have to eat right? what if you could knock out the shopping while riding on the
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train? how one company is making that dream a reality. >> reporter: going through the mind of drivers as they head down these escalators to their trains, for many it's what is for inner. it can be the bane of the busy person's existence, shopping for groceries. >> we all have to eat. a lot of people feel they spend a lot of money and time doing it. they are always looking for a different way. different way to get it done quickly and feel like it's a good job. >> reporter: instead of consumers going to the store on the way home from work, online grocery pea pod has temporarily brought the store to them. on billboards and train stations and major cities, like this one in washington. consumers down load the app by scanning this qr code with a smart phone and then scan the bar codes on the billboard to put items in the cart and schedule for home delivery. it's a virtual convenience store of shops.
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you can browse the full range of products through the app. >> it's thinking about people in places where they normally can't be productive being productive. >> reporter: and they aren't the only ones thinking about it. pea pod got the idea from technology overseas and the grocery list of apps seems to be a growing market offering help with things couple ons to shopping lists -- coupons. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> all right. good to be back with you. we have cold air on the way. friday night, tomorrow night, look at this. hartford, northern baltimore howard, all this with freeze watch. there will be a pretty thick frost come saturday morning early. if you are a baltimore marathoner, you may put on that one extra layer. i know you have a lot of heat when you run but it'll be a chilly start. in the meantime tonight not as bad. temperatures in the mid40s and
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down around 40 at daybreak tomorrow. certainly a cool start for the early morning drive as you hit the road. maybe grab the fleece but conditions will be fairly quiet. additional cloud cover tomorrow. look at the beautiful blue skies today. what a fantastic finish on the eastside as we look from ccbc. the tidewater marina, clear finish to the day. looking into cecil from hartford and kent island. always love to look at chesapeake bay. just a fantastic view here from hemingway. temperatures in the mid40s now, again falling another five to ten degrees tonight but all the state should stay above the freezing with the exception of the very high terrain toward garret. cool flow though across the north and east. this is going to be reinforced. reinforcing shot up in the canada, southern part of canada. that air will make a move south. it's really going to freeze up areas up in the great lakes in
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terms of a thick frost. we will catch the edge and get some of that here across central maryland. here is the trend. cool front on the marte. that boundary will sink southward, lasting in to the big run day on saturday. again a chilly run. not a -- not exactly the day we would always expect in this part of early october. in any case you can see the effects of that cold air in can canada. the tropics, still active, patty will be making a move we think now actually to the soup of bermuda and down toward the cuba area into the florida straits. tropical season not done yet. go orioles, we are trying to get it done. tomorrow 64, cloudy skies, breezy and cool and tomorrow night 33. very close to freezing in the city. north and west. below freezing a frost.
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seven day forecast, check out sunday. we do bounce back. then in to the day on monday looks like a chance for showers comes back in. cooler air behind that tuesday and wednesday. on the whole it's not a bad outlook. we stay dry all weekend. kind of mild and breezy. chillier saturday and then sunday a nice looking day there. sun and 70. the runners early saturday morning, yes it'll be a chill but once you start to work up the body heat maybe not so bad. >> glad i don't have to worry about that. more abc 2news but first a look at what you will see on night line. >> hello and thank you. the vice presidential candidates faced off. joe biden, paul ryan go head to head with only 25 days left in the race for the white house. who won right after you.
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. it's looking tense in the bronx tonight. i'm trying to watch the game and watch you guys out there. matt weeders, did he just break a bat? >> reporter: yeah he broke a bat. he almost broke -- chamber lane. >> this is crazy. looked like he wanted to stay in the game. the bat came and hit his pitching arm. matt is on first base, still tied. the pitcher wanted to stay in the game but i guess they noticed swelling and you don't want -- they don't want to take chances. >> we're both running out of pitches. >> you like to see them get a
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lead and have johnson come close it. you know -- who knows. it's getting to one of the weird long playoff games where they may have to start using anybody. >> we need to win this game. we need to win it now. there is no clock on baseball. we play until we -- somebody is going to take this away. >> the orioles have been so good in extra innings all year. 16 wins but three losses, two -- and then last night. only losses in extra innings have been to the yankees. >> so what's the crowd like? i know it was like --. >> they -- it peaks -- they have been mundane. >> they are waiting for something to cheer for. earlier they gave arod a standing ovation for -- because he got a walk. >> it's nothing like camden yards, nothing like that. >> not feeling it. they don't like this team as much as they would like to. like -- ibanez after last night but he is a part time player.
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he isn't one of the guys -- he didn't jeter. >> all right. we are staying here. tied in the 12th. >> we will send it back toed studio. now to commercial and we will be right back.
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. all right this is for tomorrow night. want to make it clear. a freeze watch for northern and western central maryland. north and west of the city. tonight though just down around 40. around freezing a mild midday tomorrow. here is the outlook and you can see what happens here. much cooler behind the cool front. we will look at just 50 on saturday. a chilly start for the runners and a big charm city run event.
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maybe put a layer on if you are going to run that. >> i saw frost on the cars today when i was driving in. >> yeah. >> driving -- it was disturbing. >> have to do some scraping. >> no. just a little bit, just enough to let reality sink in. >> it's getting there. 70 on sunday. not so bad. can the orioles please pull it out? >> not another 17 innings, can't take it. that's it for us. have a good evening. see you tomorrow.
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